equently Asked Questions

Who can or how can I install this product?

Cryotronix offers installation, start-up and maintenance for any of the product it markets through our CryoCare services. If you wish to have our product installed by others, please inform us in order to verify if the installer is acceptable or certified.

Is training available after the installation?

Cryotronix offers training in the proper operation, maintenance and safety related to its products and the applications where they may be used. Ask about our CryoCare modules.

What do I need to have before I call about a product?

As new product selection or design depends on particular process parameters, please have as many process factors and limitations ready when contacting us. We are also available to provide such forms to be completed and to assist you in gathering such information about your process.

Are spare parts available for my product?

Although we use high quality and long life components, Cryotronix offers the spare parts for its products as listed in the operation manual. Please have your model and serial numbers ready when you contact us with your needs and we will be glad to assist.

Where could I get my product repaired, serviced or upgraded?

All repairs, overhauls, warranty repairs and upgrades will be performed at our locations, shipping charges to be borne by the buyer. Field repairs or replacements of defective components shall be authorized only by Cryotronix after proper notice of such defect. Please have your model and serial numbers ready when contacting us in order to receive a Return Authorization Number.

Is the product covered by a warranty?

Unless otherwise stated, Cryotronix extends a warrantee against any defects due to materials or workmanship for a period of one year om the date of shipment on new equipment being used under normal operation conditions and within the scope of normal performance specifications. This does not apply to consumable components or components furnished by others with lesser warranties.